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 vJoy (Temporary name)

vJoy is a Joystick virtual device driver that will be part of the SmartPropoPlus installation package. It will ultimately replace PPJoy that has faithfully served us over the years.

Main features:

Open source: 

Meaning that everyone can take the code, fix it, improve it or even embed it in his own project. Naturally, it also means that it is free.

No configuration needed:

This version of vJoy is pre-configured  for SmartPropoPlus - once installed, it is just there.


 This version of vJoy is designed to interact with SmartPropoPlus. That's it. No other options are available which means a very small code with small chance to errors.



vJoy is currently in Alpha which means that:

  • It has been tested by very few people (Testers are badly needed)
  • It is probably still buggy (You are possibly going to crash your system)
  • The documentation hardly exist (We will have to communicate quite intensively)

Since vJoy is a hardware driver, a bug in it may cause a system crash or worse - corrupt your system. So, I recommend that you test vJoy carefully - either on a test machine or backup your system before you start.


Who can test

Preferably, you should have already installed and used SmartPropoPlus, the generic version which includes PPJoy installation. You need to know how to backup your system and how to restore your system from the backup. Alternatively, you might have a test-machine which you don't care to corrupt.

What I need you to test

At this point, I'd like to verify that vJoy

  1. Installs on a Windows machine (XP, Vista or Windows 7 - 32 and 64 bits)
  2. Can be removed
  3. Functions co-operates with SmartPropoPlus as well as PPJoy 

What I need you to report

  1. Test results - how the installation went and how well vJoy functions
  2. Environment - Which operating system (Including service pack) you have tested on.
  3. Which vJoy pack you used - for the moment the Alpha files are named according to the following convention: vJoy_1v_xBB_ddmmyy where
    'v' can be 5 or 7 or 9.
    BB can be either 86 or 64
    ddmmyy is the date of the release.
  4. Any information that you think is useful.


 How to install


On Vista  (32bit / 64bit )

On Windows 7 (32bit / 64bit )



 Copyright 2009-2014 by Shaul Eizikovich